Why Shaffie Weru is Trending


Shaffie Weru is trending after Maxine Wahome who was accused of Murder allowed to continue with her Rally career while Shaffie Weru who after commenting insensitive comments about women dismissed from his job.

Double standards in our society are on full display once again.

Meet Maxine Wahome, a rally driver charged with murder, yet she continues her career and gains sponsors. Now, let's contrast that with Shaffie Weru, a man who allegedly made inappropriate remarks on radio, got fired, and lost sponsorships. The question is, would the outcome be the same if it were a man charged with murder?

Maxine Wahome, a woman, faces a murder charge, but she's still revving up those rally cars. Is this justice, or just another example of the privilege women often receive in our society? She not only continues with her career, but also secures sponsorships. Now, let's turn the dial to Shaffie Weru.

Shaffie, a man, made some cringe-worthy comments on radio, and the backlash was swift. He lost his job, sponsorships evaporated, and the Media Council of Kenya applauded this decision. But here's the kicker – is this justice or just an example of how men are held to a different standard?

Imagine if the roles were reversed. Picture a man charged with murder continuing his career, while a woman faced backlash for inappropriate remarks. Would we tolerate it? No way! So, let's call out these double standards and demand fairness in our society.