What to do if someone refused to pay you back your money


If someone owe you money and has refused to pay you back? Worry no more because things have changed.

What if I told you that you can get that money back within weeks.

Simply sue them in the Small Claim Court

The Small Claim Court is a newly introduced court by the Judiciary of Kenya vide Gazette Notice 3791 dated 23rd April 2021, governed by the Small Claim Act. The court is designed to settle civil and commercial disputes in a timely manner with regards to minimum rules, fewer formalities and less technicalities.

It's also meant to reduce the backlog in the Magistrates' court
The Court is mandated to provide a judicial determination of disputes involving small amounts of money not exceeding one million shillings

Meaning that if someone owes you money between 10,000 to 1 million shillings that's where you take them. If the amount is above a million shillings you will have to take them to the usual court which is the Magistrate Court.

This new court is a blessing since it employs new procedures and techniques to dispose of the case. It was designed to help ordinary Kenyans access justice without having to know much about the law or the tedious procedures courts use.

The process is inexpensiveness, speedy, and simple unlike that of the Magistrate Court which you might have to wait for 10 years to have your case determined

I once had one case determined within 29 days. The judgement was issued and we went on to auction the defendant's car...

Source:Max Wafula (Twitter)