Sauti Sol breaking up


Sauti Sol are breaking up and have shared a touching message to the followers.

Through their Social Media page Sauti Sol shared below

Below are some of the Kenyans reactions

Maxon Airo: Sauti Sol wameamua kila mtu afanye mambo yake kivyake. Bien will explode, Chimano and Savara will be average musicians, fancy fingers will die a natural death.

Rajini Nicholas: Sauti Sol breaks up because Chimano was not straight forward. Hawa wasee wamekuwa wanalazimisha Bien kuvaa kama mwanamke.

JaPrado: Sauti Sol is taking an indefinite hiatus to focus on their individual careers. Truly the end of an era. Share your favourite song as we celebrate our best.

MetroBoomin: Sauti sol wameachana,Close sources have reported that Chimanos decision to come out as gay has led to this separation,Bien alisema haezi fanya na msenge

JOPANGA: Bien,Chimano,Savara and Polycarp were BETTER TOGETHER under Sauti Sol But you know what? A good Dancer knows when to leave the stage. All the Best in their Solo careers