Mmeona Kenye Ruto amefanyia Content Creators, online sellers and Influencers Weh

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Seems Nabii Ruto is determined to milk everyone through the use of tax.

Kenyans who don't have jobs and decided to venture online to make the ends meet and earn a decent income. The government is in the process of taxing them.

The latest culprit to the tax collector is the online business, influencers and content creators who never pay even a single coin to the tax man.Then they later flaunt expensive cars and lifestyle making people who pay tax a joke.The playing field is about to be levelled.

The Government has flexed it's massive muscles and they have intent to collect a percentage of their hard earned money.This is in collaboration with the Social Media giants(Facebook and IG Meta and also YouTube) , so those who post are in paid partnship with a certain company when advertising watalia Kwa choo.The revenue will be less tax

Below is the breakdown in detail

Bitcoin and NFTs now defined as digital assets that are subject to tax


All "paid partnerships" on IG and brand ambassador roles now to be taxed

Marketing services now subject to 5% withholding tax while the digital content monetisation is subject to 15% withholding tax

Sale of bitcoin and NFTs subject to tax at 3%

Pia wigs is not left behind
Wigs, human hair, false beards, eyebrows and eyelashes will now be subject to 5% excise duty


Brace yourselves for more expensive phones
Imported mobile phones to be subjected to 10% excise duty


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