Kenyan Shillings compared to UG and TZ

According to the Satellite Forex Bureau, the KES has started weakening against the UGX and TSH.. Weh..Where are we heading to as a country


Below are some of the Kenyans reactions

Omalicha:Good!!! It’s time for Kenyans to reap what they sowed. May the shilling keep weakening.

Voice of Hope:Yes not even the first time the exchange rate against the Tsh was 20 now it's 15.9 as of today...... It's terrible.

Hosea: 😂wtf


Anita Bow:Excuse me what!?

The Great Kenyan Music: ..."tutajenga,....tutafanya....tumetenga...tumejaribu ....share holders....tukiomba....tutapanda ....tufanye...."

Ynf Goat:Ruto kuja uone mambo yako sasa...

Njesh:How many wueehs per hour are we at right now???? 😢

MissJackson70:Pahahaha, I can only laugh. Our one bragging right against TZ and UG is slipping right through our fingers! They are gonna be merciless about this! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Blak Coffee:Tumekuwa tukisema "it's giving Zimbabwe" uko TikTok sai ni currency yetu inaelekea kuwa kama Yao😪