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The latest update in regards to Jeff Mwathi Case has left Kenyans talking...Read till the End

A gentleman by the name of Simon Mwangi Muthiora who was the whistle blower and actively following up on the case has made cryptic message to the followers leaving many wondering if Jeff will finally get justice.

From the message he seemed to allegedly know the update the DCI will give, he further mention the next phase will be lethal and Fatal while closing statements with direct message to Mama Jeff and the Family siting 'Watu sio Wajinga'.

Many have speculated the closing statements could mean the Family may have been compromised or given handout to stop following the case that the whole country was following up on.

Below is the Post shared by Simon Mwangi

THE PHASE we are getting into will be both LETHAL and FATAL.

If you believe Jeff committed suicide just leave this TL ASAP! Tondu...

Alafu, please don't tag me into those catfights and sideshows of sijui who wanted what! I am not an IDIOT

I know something! I gave our investigative apparatus time to put their act together, luckily, they have failed! They have decided to cover each other! (It was expected)

The boy you call my son was KILLED! Jeff deserved to live. I will issue a personal statement on this issue with time. I am delighted that several Productions have reached out to do a movie on Jeff Mwathi.

To Mama Jeff and family..... Watu si wajinga! #WatuSiWajinga NARUDI!


More Updates....

Detectives investigating the murder of Jeff Mwathi met with his parents yesterday for five hours. They provided their findings as follows:

1. They were unable to determine whether Jeff was killed or he committed suicide.

2. They did not find any motive behind the killing, so they "assumed" that he committed suicide.

3. They also stated that they could not establish why he would have chosen to commit suicide if that was indeed the case.

4. At the time Jeff fell, the two individuals (the driver and cousin) were inside the house, contradicting media reports that they were in the elevator.

5. The detectives additionally determined that Jeff fell from the bedroom window. The rooftop CCTV footage did not capture him on the roof.

6. The detectives told the family that the Djs cousin had gone for a short call that moment he was captured where Jeff would later fall.

From the CCTV however, the guy is just seen opening the door and peeping in and he doesn't enter.


1. The detectives were unable to explain how Jeff could have jumped and closed the window behind him since all of the windows on the side from which he fell were closed.

This prompted one of the caretakers to knock on the doors of all the houses on that side. All other tenants opened their doors except for the one in question.

2. The bloodied pillow in the room was said to have been stained by sweat, not blood.

In conclusion, the file is now with the DPP, who will make his findings public in the coming days. The decision on whether to charge someone or not will be made by him.

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